Facebook Marketing Tips

Written by Neil Ashton.

Facebook Marketing Tips

With Facebook approaching the billion member mark, it is a great platform for you to market your brand and or products. Here are a few Facebook marketing tips that with set you on the road to success as a Facebook marketer.

Provide Your Audience a Reason to Like You

That's where it all begins. If your potential customers (or established ones) don’t have a reason to like you in real life, they’re not likely to like you on Facebook. Ensure any promotion or primary product is positioned in the forefront on your Fan Page ideally in a dedicated landing tab that you can fully customize. Facebook additionally allows you to add tabs called ‘Reveal Tabs,’ which hide material from visitors unless they click ‘Like.’ There are many marketing possibilities here, with exclusive information, deals, sweepstakes, etc.

Stay Focused on Your Brand and Products

This might sound odd and boring, but your fans on Facebook are going to expect your posts to be associated with your brand or at least your industry. If you diverge from this excessively you are distributing content that goes against what your fans are interested in. The reason they liked you initially was to view updates about you, your company, special offers, etc. not random comments, photos, etc. There’s still a lot of ingenuity to be enjoyed here. Activities, comments, quotes, or movies are totally fair game as long as you can tie them back to your brand.

Interact Wisely

Asking your fans questions is great, but make sure you ask ones that are easy to answer. Any questions that deal directly with your fans and will encourage single word answers are perfect. So long as your fans can relate and make their replies about themselves, they’ll be happy and very likely to interact. Lastly, it’s rarely a bad idea to ask your fans what they want to see on your page, so ask them. You may be amazed.

Do not Spam

No one enjoys spam. Given the fact Facebook users’ news feeds are already overloaded with information that’s simple to overlook, you shouldn’t contribute to the noise with social spam either. Post information that means something to your brand business milestones, announcement, special deals, relevant questions, events, etc. that may lead to engagement or create excitement. Random nonsense isn’t going to fly. If you overdo it (publishing new material 5 or more times daily) the majority of fans will be less likely to interact. They’ll be so absorbed looking through your content they won’t know where to continue the conversation.

Make use of Trends to your benefit

Trends on the net are very transparent, and the ability to see what’s trending (see Google Trends) is pretty easy nowadays. You can also see emotional trends, such as joy and happiness, among all of Facebook’s users. Check out the Gross National Happiness app to see a visual representation of positivity and negativity over countries around the world and plan your social media marketing round the expected highs and valleys. If happiness tends to trend up on Fridays, for instance, use that day for asking favours or participation from your fan base related to your Internet marketing activities. If things are trending negatively, try posting something that will cheer your fans up!

Utilize Contests

Everybody loves to win freebies. Competitions may be used on Facebook to achieve numerous great things for your brand. Photographic competitions and video competitions are ideal for building up a collection of customer-generated material and offering your fans more things to engage with on your page. Given that users must like your page to add material, this is a great way to increase the size of your fan base. Even basic prize drawings work. The prize itself doesn’t even need to be pricey provided that it’s something your fans like and find beneficial.

Encourage Check-Ins

You may not realize it, but your company is a place that anyone can check into at any time on Facebook using a mobile phone. Once checked in, all of a user’s friends and subscribers are informed in their news feeds and are provided with a link to your companies Facebook page. This not only increases exposure to your brand but gives potentially thousands of people an instant doorway to your page. If nothing else, just sign in yourself whenever you show up for work!

Schedule Your Facebook Posts in Advance

Wouldn’t it be great if you could schedule your Facebook posts weeks or even months ahead of time to coincide with your other marketing activities? Because Facebook doesn’t let you do that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. There are numerous social media marketing tools that provide the ability to schedule your Facebook communications to be posted any time you like. You can even schedule Twitter material if you have a profile over there.

Submit Your Pics and Vids

The more pics and vids you publish on your page, the better. Fans are likely to engage with you for a longer period if they've movies to watch or photo albums to click through. They will also get a firsthand peek into your company’s culture, special events, and products without needing to visit your web site or click over to YouTube. Be sure that you remember tip #2 above and keep your photos and videos relevant to your brand.

Be Responsive

Two-way communication between both you and your fans is crucial in order to be successful on any social networking system. Be aware of new activity on your page and react accordingly. For instance, post a “thank you” note after someone likes your page, make a point to answering messages and wall posts within Twenty four hours, or if somebody posts a positive or amusing opinion, go ahead and like it (this really takes a second of your time). Pay attention to the points your fans tell you on your page and react to their needs as best you can. You should check things out many times per day so that you can stay on top of the discussion. A one-hour review and update session every morning isn’t going to cut it.

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