How often should you post to Facebook?

Written by Neil Ashton.

How often should you post to FacebookTo interact with your Facebook followers, you have to publish sufficient subject material, but you need to be carefull not to post excessively. So what is the perfect post frequency on Facebook?

No, there's no magical number. The common number of posts tends to range between 2 - 3 posts daily but you have too many aspects affecting the engagement of a post to imply that it works for each and every brand. So what exactly is the appropriate frequency?

Who´s Your Audience?

The things that work for a international brand like Mac Donalds doesn´t need to benefit a local pet shop having a substantially smaller following. Every organization is unique and the secret to discovering your frequency is to understand and hear your audience. To interact with your followers, you should meet their expectations so try considering exactly what you'd expect from your Facebook Page if you have been the fan. It's not possible to connect and build relationships with individuals if you aren't sharing important material with them. Regardless of whether it may be jokes, photos, headlines, product information, your brand´s background, statistical reviews or client testimonials, you have to provide your audience with precisely what they need and more importantly with a positive attitude.

Quality Over Volume

You should post regularly to develop a relationship with your followers however you don´t need to over exesively to all of them and spam their News Feed. In reality - the caliber of the material is much more significant than the frequency of your posts so concentrate on that a little more.

Timing Is Important

It´s equally important to ascertain when your followers react best to your posts. As a result of statistics, it is possible to locate your brand´s most engaging hours and days of the week.

The Post Lives For Three Hours

The post remains engaging provided that you ensure it is engaging however, if you don’t receive the kind of reaction you´ve been anticipating in Three hours from the post, you may possibly start considering another one.

Have You Got The Material?

Brands with plenty of intriguing content and knowledge can probably afford to post material more frequently than others. For instance news media could become engaging even though they post Ten To Thirty posts daily simply because news is a content type that's intended to be propagated and talked about.

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