Pay Per Click Management

Written by Neil Ashton.

Pay per Click Management in Cape Town

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Effective pay per click management is all about putting a compelling advert infront of the right people at the right time, and when it is clicked, it takes them to the right page that has a specific web design to maximise your conversion rates.

Pay per Click Management Philosophy

The WebGuru treats pay per click campaigns a little differently to most SEO marketing agencies, we optimize the entire account, rather than just managing the bids.  We analyse the accounts previous history and performance, gaining insight into what has worked previously and identifying potential problems.  We then divide your account into logically ordered pay per click campaigns with specifically targeted adgroups, themed keywords and precise adcopy.

The next step is to use Google Adwords phrase and exact match options in conjunction with negative keywords to further hone the quality of the traffic and increasing the click through ratio.  This has a positive knock on effect on the quality score which in turn results in a discounted cost per click.  The use of different keyword matching options and negative keywords pre qualifies and screens searchers, making the click through all the more likely to convert.

Pay per Click Management Benefits

  • We target your pay per click budget to your KPI's.
  • You are in control of your cost per sale.
  • We present your brand online in a positive light.
  • Your account is managed by a seach marketing professional.
  • We save you up to 45% of your monthly spend.
The WebGuru provides pay per click management on all the major search engines and social media networks , across all channels. For a no obligation chat on how we may be able to help you achieve and exceed your pay per click goals please contact the Internet marketing professionals.

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