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Written by Neil Ashton.

Social Media Marketing in Cape Town

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Today social media marketing is more than just people sharing their thoughts and ideas with others, it is the writing and sharing of user generated content. As a result, social media marketing has the ability to transform broadcast media monologues into social media dialogues, where the message is spread virally, amoungst potential customers, rather than shouted out to everyone.  See our staggering social media facts.

After a careful audit of your companies Internet marketing initiatives, The WebGuru helps you implement a fundamental change in the way you market your business to develop a culture of interaction and responsiveness.

The WebGuru creates and pilots viral social media marketing campaigns that will boost your traffic, grow your brand and increase your leads and sales. Our social media marketing campaigns will entrench you as an authority in your market sector, allowing you to dominate your competitors.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

The WebGuru's integrated social media marketing strategies will assist your brand to reach and engage with your audience.  Each strategy is created with your goals and objectives in mind, using metrics that are unique to your business.  Your clients are already discussing your brand, your message must optimize this discussion.

Social Media Marketing Implementation

The WebGuru helps clients move to a new way of marketing their business, in an interactive, responsive, engaging marketplace.  Unite your clients into a cohesive online community, identify and woo your brand ambassadors and gain the sort of influence that no traditional advertising or SEO can match.

Social Media Marketing Analytics

One of the major benefits of social media marketing is the ability to react in real time to adapt your strategy, but in order to do this, you need to monitor your prospects, listen to what your customers are saying about you and observe their attitudes.  The WebGuru will assist you to listen to your prospects and customers and engage with them in a positive way through the social networks and your website design .

Proactive Sentiment Tracking

Traditionaly, the only way to track a companies success was via its sales, but with the explosion of social media, we can can now track in detail your clients precise attitude towards your brand.  We make use of tracking tools to closely monitor the social web and measure sentiment towards your brand in real time.

Competitive Intelligence

Using analytic tools and tracking software The WebGuru identifies your competitors strengths and weaknesses, thereby improving your competitive intelligence and helping you get noticed ahead of your competitors and increasing your market share.

Content Management

The WebGuru's skilled content writers will assist you to create word of mouth momentum  with content that will create a niche for your brand on the social web, increase your brand visibility and provide added value to your target market. Let The WebGuru do the socializing for you across numerous platforms from social networks to blogs and comments to social bookmarking websites.

When was the last time you looked for a number in a phone book, browsed out the classifieds in your local newspaper, or reacted to a junk mail flyer? Today's consumers go to the internet first, that's why social media marketing is more important than ever. The internet is very competitive. And if you're not keeping up with the latest social media strategies, you can be sure your competitors are.

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